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 Welcome to CBM Career Development         Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

 CBM Career Development

  • Resume Writing
  • Selection Criteria Writing
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Interview Preparation & Practice
  • Career Counselling
  • Job Searching
  • Career Changing
  • Choosing TAFE or University Courses  
  • QTAC Advice 


CBM Career Counselling can help you:

* Make informed decisions on career pathways, subjects or courses

* Understand your skills, interests, values and relate these to career choice

* Explore possible employment options

* Plan for the job search process

* Prepare quality resumes, job applications, and interviews

* Access appropriate training, apprenticeship, and tertiary study information 

* Identify Graduate employment resources and graduate programs

* Discover resources to support your career decisions and actions

* Utilise computer-aided guidance packages


Career counselling involves confidential sessions with a qualified, experienced

and trained professional who abides by standards and ethics - for further

details see 'About CBM'. In order to help, we may ask questions about you -

e.g. your career ideas and plans, your interests, your values, your strengths

and weaknesses. Our career counselling involves giving you the right

information in order to make an informed decision and enable you to make

excellent career choices. 


Within the career counselling process, you will be able to discuss concerns,

and any barriers you feel are affecting your career decision making. CBM

Career Development will help you to develop an action plan to take the

necessary steps in your career pathway, or provide you with resources to

help your career research. 


CBM Career Counselling Service offers: 


* One-off or series of appointments 

* Advice on career change or career development options

* Help to identify suitable career opportunities

* Advice on developing career skills e.g. decision making/action plans

* Help for you to assess values, interests, abilities and skills

* Guidance on opportunities for employment, further study and training

* Help to compile and carry out career action plans

* Support to present yourself effectively in applications and at interviews

* Guidance to cope with the transition from school to TAFE or Uni


By discussing and exploring information about your possibilities, we can work

together to make effective career decisions. Don't worry if you feel you have

no idea where you want your career to go, making an effective and well-

informed career decision takes research, exploration and time. The important

thing is to ask for help along the way...

CBM Career Development can help.